We needed to sell grandmas house. We met with a couple agents who suggested we do some updating and repairs etc. and told us what we could list it for. We got bids for the repairs and it was near $20,000. We called Justin after a referral from a friend and he and his wife Ashley, were simply great. With all of the repairs, commissions and closing costs, and mortgage payments my sisters and I were paying, Seattle Home Buyers gave us a little bit more than what we would gotten out of the house if we listed it and after doing everything the agents told us to do. They're a darling family and made everything so easy.

Cindy, Bellevue Wa

My wife was having health issues and we couldn't keep up with the maintenance on our home. We were going to pack our motor home and head to New Mexico. Justin gave us a great offer and was gracious and kept giving us more and more time that we needed to get all the things that we needed. He always arrived and left with hugs and was a huge blessing to us.

Jack and Eileen - Federal Way

After caring for my Dad for several years, I found after his passing, I wouldn't be able to afford the repairs or to even bring the house up to current city codes to be able to sell or even rent a wing of the family home of 62 years. So now I couldn't afford to move or to sell. What was I going to do? I was at a complete loss. I wasn't ready and didn't want to sell to a company that had kept sending me notices they would buy my house for cash no problems. I called and they came out looked the place over and said they'd call the next day with a bid. They never called. I was beginning to stress out. A mutual friend of ours called Justin of Seattle Home Buyers, LLC and told him of my predicament.  Justin called me the next morning and we agreed to meet.

At our very first meeting, Justin was respectful, frank , honest and didn't mince words. We discussed what would need to be done and how much it would cost. The various options I had and didn't have. He then told me, he would buy the home cash on the barrel with no contingencies, no time commitment and since my folks were serious "pack rats" I would need help to clear out the rooms of "stuff"; so he recommended an amazing non-profit Finding Treasures (a non profit thrift and antique store and Estate Sale Service with proceeds going to aid young cancer patients and childhood cancer research). Justin also told me- I just need 7 days to start the process of getting things moving. He also said not to worry about the yard He would have his team work on it before the sale. I was to just concentrate on making sure everything I needed/wanted to take with me was out of the house and to relax! (I was dealing with new health issues and was quite stressed.)

I value honesty, frankness and friendship very highly. With a successful discussion and since Justin came so highly recommended, from a dear friend, I shook his hand and with a heartfelt YES! Lets do it! We moved forward from there. We stayed in frequent contact through the whole Estate sale process and clean out after the sale. Justin kept me in the loop of what his plans were for the house and to get as many details and history of the family remodels and history so he could pass it on to the family that moves in next. (Especially since it was only a 2 family home since it was built in 1951.) This whole process, although emotionally difficult, was an amazing and healing journey.

True to Justin's promises: he helped me to get into my new place, bought my place for a more than reasonable price(especially with all of the work that needed to be done!), there were no contingencies, there was guidance, teamwork, respect for not only the home structure, but also an acknowledgement of the hard work, sweat and most important Love that had gone into the yard and the house. (Mum had designed the cabinets and remodels over the years.) I'm eagerly waiting to see the end result. Justin showed me the future floor plans. It's both a trip back to the original house built in 1951 and a mix of 2017. I'm super excited for a young family with kids to get to share the great memories we had there. It's an amazing and convenient neighborhood!!

I can not even imagine having to go through this emotional roller coaster with any other group of people than Seattle Home Buyers LLC, their employees, sub-contractors and network of amazing friends-all of whom were respectful, friendly, honest, frank, professional, and truly compassionate towards their clients challenges. It was definitely a team effort. I can only give them a A++ rating!!


Glenda B. Seattle

We downsized and didn't know what to do with the things we accumulated from our three kids. The home was in good shape, a little dated, but I didn't want to deal with realtors. Justin gave us as much time as we needed which was great to have an estate sale and he took everything that was left and donated it. I tell all of my customers about him now.

Rick and Joanne, Tacoma